Cubix ERP - stock and accounting software in lebanon and middle east
Cubix ERP Business application including stock and accounting for Lebanon and the middle east
Cubix business application

Cubix ERP | stock and accounting software for Lebanon, Middle east

Cubix is fully integrated business software designed to meet the business requirements of enterprise, medium and small business companies. It is a powerful stock, accounting, inventory and production software and easy to use system which generates a wide range of reports designed to give the management effective control on finance and business activities. Easy to deploy locally in the Lebanese market and globally in the middle east. This enterprise system handles the dynamic methods of accounting and stock rules following the country being implemented in, whether it is Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, or any country in the Middle east. more...

Cubix Main Features
Cubix business application stock accounting inventory payroll production
about Cubix application in Lebanon and Middle east
Cubix ERP is a Softimpact software production dedicated to provide stock, accounting, inventory transactions for companies in Lebanon and Middle east
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